Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"FUCK ME - Throw the Ball!!

Its weird coz usually the fuck me talk doesn't start until they get into the showers

USC Notre Dame after game celebration

fight on
F the bruins

Foxsports' good rundown of USC Season

I know their news is Rush Limbeauish but their Sports is ok right? Anyway - here is a good rundown of the (big) Ups and Downs of USC's Season.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mean Gene Wojo...idiot

Permission to talk frankly sir? Gene Wojo.. is a f'ing idiot. His argument that USC shouldn't be number 2? Not that the computers are wrong, not that the AP/Harris/USA Today and every other outlet outside of ann arbor and gainsville are saying USC is #2.

How about being a sportswriter for a few minutes and not being a jealous bitch for like 5 minutes. Everyone from 2 on is flawed. Frankly Ohio State's schedule wsn't even good enough to call them unflawed. So Gen spills the kind of bile that is usually reserved for a bitter whiney coach or some stupid fanboys. Good one...maybe time to go the way of the Coker yo

Sunday, November 26, 2006

We are #2!

So as everyone in Trojan Nation awaits the BCS standings this week, a look around the press seems to indicate that USC will finish #2. I know we are probably going to play Ohio State but can we please focus on UCLA? I mean not just need to beat them, we need to still impress. Florida will be coming off a possible win with Arkansas...and most people rightly or wrongly think that the SEC is the toughest league in the nation...

Anyway. Fight on Beat the BRUINS!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Thursday, November 23, 2006

OSU-Michigan Game of the Century Essentially Meaningless

This is hilarious because it is essentially true!

"I mean, come on—we could have lined up in alphabetical order in the end zone dressed in nothing but helmets and socks and whacked off for 60 minutes, and the BCS would still send us to the Tostitos Championship Game," Tressel told the assembled reporters. "Hell, you'd all still vote for [Buckeyes quarterback] Troy Smith to win the Heisman. And you know it.

And also..go USC!

2006 USC - Oregon Torrent

I love me a good torrent and this one has some speed behind it - thank you whoevery you are
Click 2006-USC-Oregon Football Torrent to get 'er done

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OK. That's it, I want your job Mandel

OK, I am a little pissed. Stuart Mandel keeps talking shit all year about how USC isn't USC yada yada yada. I haven't been 100% right this whole time but I never flip flop like this!?!:
But beyond that, I'll also admit I changed course in my thinking about the USC/Arkansas situation. While I do still recognize that the Razorbacks are an entirely different team now and that a second game between the two could easily go either way, now that they're both in contention for a national-title spot, I just no longer felt comfortable having the Trojans behind a team they beat 50-14. If that seems a little John Kerry-esque of me ... well it is.

And then dissing John Kerry. Shame ^2

Why isn't USC-Notre Dame getting OSU-Michigan hype?!

I mean all of the big news sites are still putting Ohio State Michigan on the cover. Hello - its over.

And even more importantly, the 2nd biggest game of the year is going on this weekend between Notre Dame and USC. Not that you'd know it by looking at the big sports websites...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fight On to Pete Carroll

It's hard not to take Pete Carroll for granted. He is literally everything to USC football. After the game on Saturday, he took a well deserved break to "smell the roses"

He also said:
"It's a statement of what we're all about, who we are, and it really makes you feel good," Carroll said after the Trojans rallied to beat No. 17 California 23-9 Saturday night to clinch a berth in the Rose Bowl.

"I'm just proud of this moment. Just that thought is really strong in my heart about what we've done here," Carroll said. "I'm filled with that thought.

"We really had a lot of issues in this game. The second half, the defense shut 'em out, shut 'em down. The offense finds a way to make some timely plays. You work so hard to be good in these moments -- the guys did it."

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Who is David Buehler?

I f'ing love it. I was just talking the other day with a friend about why there are no big kickers out there. I mean why do kickers have to be so small - why not train a reciever or linebacker or QB to kick. (spare me the George Blanda/Danny White/ Randall Cunningham bs. I know)

So anyway..kinda under the radar, Carroll offers a scholarship to a JC transfer from Santa Ana who is a good fullback/linebacker type who also happens to have a rocket leg. Nice one Pete! Any more surprises?

6'3" 230 pounds with full linebacker/fullback pads gets the call to kick a field goal at a pivotal time in the most important game thus far this year. Mario Danelo, who has been very solid, doesn't have that range.

Buehler (love the name) knocks it straight through the uprights with 15 yards to spare. USC goes on to win.

I fully expect him to drop kick a field goal in the BCS championship game. He'll then play rugby for 5 years and return to the NFL as a kicker

FU and your replays

Needless to say, I don't think Pete Carroll like replays.

BCS #3?!?!

After beating the 2nd best team west of the Mississippi and having Michigan fall, I think we all expected to be # 2 this week.


Fear not Trojans. We are so close to Michigan point-wise that 2 computers switching to us or a few voters putting us at #2 will have us in the BC championship game.

Some style points vs. Notre Dame do not hurt.

Friday, November 17, 2006

What kind of school Tasers its own students?!?!

I would like to take this moment to note that USC does not taser its own students. As a matter of fact each and every Trojan is treated with an equal amount of respect. I believe USC has the highest amount of foreign students of any university in the country. Shame on you fUCLA. that was ugla.

USC Haters....why?

Great Article from Ted Miller at ESPN.  I think it explains all the USC hatred around the country.  I like us as comeback- underdogs this year. I think its hard for the rest of the country to understand that our team is almost entirely new so its not like we are being greedy :P

Thursday, November 16, 2006


As someone who grew up in "O!", "H!"....."I!","O!" and who obviously loves college football, this is about as exciting as it gets. It also goes without saying that I want what's best for USC in this game. Therefore, it is my hope that Ohio blows the shit out of Michigan and sends them spiralling towards #10 in the country.

Optimistic prediction:
Ohio State 42
Michigan 9

Also, it would be awesome to see USC in the BCS championship as an underdog (for once) against a mighty mighty Buckeye team.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

FU Stewart Mandel!

This drivel is going to bite you in the ass. Putting 2 SEC teams with mediocre performances ahead of USC will make you look bad next week.

In all seriousness, Sportswriters are supposed to be able to figure out who is a better team because, a lot of times, college teams don't have the opportunity to play each other. However, in this particular case - Arkansas vs. USC - you DO have that luxury. And you still blow the call - your AP poll card is revoked just like the guy who forgot to watch the Oklahoma Texas Tech game.

"If I were to win a heisman..."

OJ. Got to love him. Or I gues you could also despise and hate him. It is a tough call for any true Trojan fan. I mean you have to weigh the circumstances.

He DID kill 2 people out of jealousy (near Westwood...)
He did also carry USC to victory against in that crazy game against UCLA in the late 60s.

He did get away with murder
He is one of USC's Heisman Trophy winners

he's got a big head. but a cool nickname...

The back and forth could go on and on.

The reason this is coming up? Well Fox - the New York Post/National Enquirer of television networks and bringer of all things inflammatory, is having an interview with Simpson on how "he would have committed the murders - if he had done it - which he didn't - but if I had - and that glove I planted...which I didn't - there would be a lot of blood - which I don't know about."

anyway go Trojans. OJ why'd you have to do it? And how about staying out of the news for awhile?

Monday, November 13, 2006

2003 - > 2006

Aresh Markazi, my favorite USC alum-sportswriter (how many are there?) pulls some knowledge from his school days in this article...I quoth:

"Carroll has often compared this year's team to the 2003 squad -- breaking in a new backfield that had lost the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and dealing with loss of more than 10 starters from the previous season -- and judging from the Trojans' recent surge in the BCS standings, the similarities don't stop with the players on the field. Consider this: When USC lost to unranked Cal on Sept. 27, 2003, the Trojans were ranked No. 3 in the polls and subsequently dropped to No. 10 behind seven undefeated teams. Within two weeks of the Trojans' loss to Cal, six teams above them lost, returning USC right back to where it was in the polls. During the course of the next nine weeks after the Trojans' loss, every team above them lost at least once, giving USC the No. 1 ranking by season's end."

By the way. I wonder if it is hard for someone to remain neutral after attending school in the news. I asked Kirk Herbstreet and his reply was "go Buckeys!"

Fox Sports Predicts USC in the BCS Championship with 3 games left!

...remember they called bush in 2000...
OK - sorry. I hate The republicans/Bush/Foxnews as much as the next person (within 50 miles of an ocean) but fox does seem to pretty good with their predictions and today, Peter Fiutak predicts USC goes to the BCS Championship

to quote:

"Last Week's BCS Ranking: 7
USC made the most significant jump in the rankings leap-frogging Florida into the coveted number three spot. The ranking will only get better by winning out with Cal, Notre Dame and UCLA ahead, so even after the loss to Oregon State a few weeks ago, it appears to be a three-game season for a shot at the national title. While fourth in the Coaches' poll, the No. 3 ranking in the Harris Poll helps. Depending on how the Michigan — Ohio State game plays out, the Trojans might be a lock for the second spot in all the polls next week.
Predicted wins: California, Notre Dame, at UCLA
Predicted losses: None
Predicted record: 11-1
Predicted bowl: BCS Championship"

oh man oh man oh man....

Little video of pre-game Oregon..

...USC is #3 Baby! Number 2 Monday morning!

Seriously tho - focus on Cal focus on Cal.

Oh man, what a weekend!

So, wow! What a weekend. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that Auburn, Texas and Louisville would all get hit this weekend?! USC, also showed its true form runing over the ranked Ducks. With a number 3 BCS ranking and Florida playing 2 shit teams to close out the year - Western Carolina - I thought there was only north and south! and Florida State -which just got shut out by WAKE FORREST!

My concern now lies with Rudgers - who would have thought that! This cindarella team has captured the hearts and minds of New York and I am worried that if they beat WVa, they are going to be put in the title game. Most Pundits seem rational about it now tho and say they should be happy with their BCS birth...we'll see in a few weeks.

The other outside chance between USC's straight shot at the BCS title game is if the Ohio - Michigan game is so close and the pollsters want a rematch. I think this is highly unlikely - especially with a strong USC waiting in the wings.

Oh, I guess USC could lose one of hteir last 3 games....but I don't see it, I just don't!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Replay officials were wrong at the Rose bowl

OK, I said earlier I said that Boob Stoops should stop his bitching about the replay officials in the Oregon game. Well, as Karma usually does, I've been thrown for a loop. Apparantly, Yahoo Sports (the same people who broke open the Reggie Bush scandal, have brought us the news that The replay officials in the Rose Bowl were fed the wrong feeds and would have ruled Vince Young down and perhaps wouldn't have called Reggies a lateral... And perhaps, just perhaps USC would have won the national championship?

Nah, not gonna jump on this one, although why not just feed the replay offiicials the Network news feed where we can see 20 different angles at home? Eh, whatever.

-Thanks for the heads up Travis

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gene Woja...

OK. Glad to know the pundits are on the same page as me. There are about 7 teams still in the running for the BCS title game. Louiseville ain't one of em.

OK. now go beat Oregon (4am Paris time - who makes these schedules?!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Terrell Thomas lights fire

11 asses burned. Well done.

Out of what seems like no where, cornerback Terrell Thomas has made a huge statement and has emerged as USC defense's much-needed leader. After a speech on Friday, Thomas delivered one of the great performances of the season on special teams and defense with an interception, a huge sack and blocked field goal kick for a 71 yard touchdown. Well done and keep an eye on him.

I feel much better about SC's chances now and look forward to seeing Thomas' performance against the Ducks.

Step one, get rid of Teneessee

USC Began their assention back into the BCS title game this weekend by beating Stanford soundly - which should've been a forgone conclusion.

Additionally, Tennessee, one of the teams ahead of SC got beat. So did Boston College but they'd never get put into the title game anyway - even undefeated. Now there are just a few SEC teams, Texas, and Louisville. Here's why we still have a good shot:

SEC Teams: only 1 SEC team will be in the championship game. Who is the best SEC team? Ask CNNSI and they will tell you its Arkansas - the very same team USC killed to start the season. If they win out and capture the SEC title game, no SEC team can be ranked ahead of them. NONE. However, USC will be ranked ahead of them if they win out based on their head to head drubbing of the mightiest SEC team. Therefore, you can stop worrying about the SEC. Go Mustain!

Louiseville. 2 things here:
1. Rutgers. Thursday is going to be the biggest game in Rudgers history since the #2 (out of 2) Scarlet Knights played #1 Princeton in the 1st college football game. ITs been a long way baby! Anyway hopefully Rudgers beat them. Most of my friends from Rudgers (who can even believe they are ranked) are quick to point out that they've sucked since that fateful Princeton game). If Rudgers wins, I give my heisman vote to Ray Rice.
2. Louisville plays an incredibly weak schedule. They looked good against the Mountaineers but their defense would get killed by a top 10 team. Most pundits agree. But we'll see - if they win out, itsw hard to put a one loss team ahead of them.
did I say go Rudgers yet?

Texas, man I hate them... Guess what. They will play Nebraska in the Big 12 title game. Payback is a bitch. Great game...if Texas gets back to the BCS title game, I will kill.

Video of Marc Tyler

USC's highly touted RB prospect - a small glipse of things to come

1st Touchdown of Stanford game

On 4th and one...from some dude in the stands with a camera phone

I wish we could have won by more....