Monday, January 29, 2007

South Carolina please stop using "USC"

Its over. Drop it. Stop using USC. Everytime I see USC loses to blank or USC is total crap in this I think they are talking about Southern Cal. Usually though, they are talking about South Carolina..the poor man's USC. Well, I am here to say Stop.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quarterbacks have to be smart


Sorry - SC content kinda low and this is kinda funny

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lane Kiffin to the Raiders?! WTF

Man, I didn't see that coming...I can't imagine many people did what's that mean for SC? That means the better 1/2 of last years play calling is still here...I will give Sarkisian that much.

Don't fuck it up

I heard that if Kiffin didn't take the job, Al Davis was interviewing a song girl who doesn't wear underwear...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sarkisian staying. Shit. Lucky Raiders

Well it looks like we have another year of crappy playcalling and "We'll look like we'll run and then we'll on 1st down...all day long...

This is bad news my friends, bad bad news.

Sarkisian informed the Raiders that he wasn't going to leave SC.

I kinda want to die a little bit. Go basketball team!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

USC Preseason #1 in SI Power Rankings

Well, what have we here? The 1st of the 2007 season's rankings. Looks who is at the top...USC

Not too shabby. A few things to consider: At the end of the season we had 0 running game and our 2 starting receivers are now getting paid in the NFL. Will Patrick, Vidal and company step up? Will we get a running game? Stewart Mandel certainly thinks so.

Way to start the year off right Stewart!

Go Sarkisian!

I mean it. Go.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

USC to share the Coliseum with an NFL team?

This LA Daily News story tells of how a plan to put a 800 million dollar stadium inside the LA Memorial Coliseum fell through. I remember when the Raiders played in the coliseum which was kinda fun and exciting however, all of those new luxury boxes and TGIFridays and such would have been a major downer.

Anyway - long story short, it ain't gonna happen. LA already has a football team as far as most people are concerned.


Linebacker Keith Rivers coming back

Oh my stars are we gonna have a good defense next year. Keith Rivers just announced he is on his way back for another season.

That leaves Duane Jarrett as the only USC underclassmen to check out. A very good sign of things to come next year!

Coaching News..

Two great signs in one article.

Firstly, Sarkisian is a gonner. No more "Let's try running the ball for the 15th straight loss in a row"from the offensive coordinator. He's going to the Raiders. Bye, don't let the door hit you on the way out big guy.

and Second, Miami is giving second interviews to a number of their headcoach candidates and Pete Carroll isn't one of them. JOY! Also mentions that Arizona has a final candidate that isn't Pete Carroll.

Its a good day to be a Trojan!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dolphins, Pete Carroll..hahah

The onion always finds a way to put the lighter side of an incredibly scary scenario. This is just such an occasion

Jarrett Gone, Carroll Staying

IT ain't over til its over but it looks like the predictable happened. Duane Jarrett is a gonner but Pete has reiterated (?! yesterday's statement was anything but definitive!) that he's staying. I can live ith that although, itn a perfect World Duane Jarrett stays another year.

Please, someone feel the Miami job so that I can put it out of mind. Please.

USC Michigan Rose Bowl 2007 Torrent

Click here to download the torrent of this great game as well as some great pictures. Go trojans!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Uh Oh..Pete Carroll setting himself up for departure from USC

Well, the news confirmed this week that Pete Carroll did meet with Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga for 4 hours and said,
"This was the one instance I've come in contact with that has all the elements I have talked about," Carroll said at a news conference on campus. "[Huizenga] has structured a program where the head coach has the entire say, from top to bottom.

"It's a one-voice program. I don't think there are any other situations like that in the NFL."

Carroll said he was not offered the Miami coaching job, and stressed that he has never thought about leaving USC since arriving after the 2000 season.

"I'm thrilled to be here," he said. "As I've been the whole time, I haven't wavered. I know that being curious about it has helped me appreciate what we have here.

"I absolutely expect to be here."

Umm. Sorry. But you don't.

To Mike Garrett: Call Norm Chow ASAP. Pete, its been great. I wish you'd stay...but jockeying for more NFL $ is all you are doing now. Its over. congrats and all of that.

Man. This has put a damper on my thing you know Jarrett will go pro....


USC #4. I don't think so! LSU beat a weak ass ND team, and Florida destroyed Ohio. My POV = USC #2 at the worst. Maybe a split Championship. Besides Tommy could kill at least 10 Gators before one dragged him down into the death roll, and even then he'd come back from the dead and kill more Gators.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Pete Carroll going to Dolphins?!?!


The article states that Wayne Huizenga, the Miami Dolphins owner flew to the same country that Pete Carroll is vacationing in.

Two things to consider/help you sleep at night:

1. The Dolphins are fresh off of getting burned by a college coach that returned to college because he hated the pros so much. Carroll is in the same boat. Bad NFL experience, great college. He'd want to return seconds after having to deal/smoke a blunt with Ricky Williams and his contract.

2. Pete has had an equally bad experience in the NFL and probably doesn't want to repeat it. Plus SC is a pretty good place to be. Pete's recruits are all coming up nicely and USC - with Pete Carroll at the helm - would probably be ranked #1 going into 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pat Forde is an ass. Nick Saban is human

Pat forde Wrote a scathing article about Nick Saban's decision to leave the Miami Dolphins for Alabama - re-entering the SEC. Pat Forde takes the opportunity to dis all college coaches - the profession and their integrity.

Well, guess what. Not everything is so cut and dry. 1st of all, who is to say that Saban wasn't telling the truth when he said there was no deal to go to Alabama - it might have only been reached at a late hour.

Also - who's business is it of Pat Forde to bully coaches about their career choices. Saban told everyone to F off but kept getting pestered until he gave an answer.

It's not like Miami gave Saban the deal he expected. His star running back kept getting suspended for smoking weed. The fans never really embraced him and he hasn't really had anyone step up. Somehow he managed a .500 record through all of that. F'em. ITs Pro - Buisiness. Go back to college where its a bit less about the money and more about the game.

Oh, and Pat Forde, I wonder if you'd tell ESPN or the press if CNNSI was in the process of offering you a job. Not that a job offer is likely to ever happen. Hack

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Best way to pull out a player during a fumble

Little seen play during Rose Bowl

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I hate me

Cushing for MVP

As a diehard, its hard to remember a single defensive player having a better season than Brian Cushing has had this year. Additionally, I would say that the Defense is our better 1/2.

And then there has been some exceptional special teams play by the sophmore.

Therefore I officially cast my ballot for Brian Cushing.

Who would have thought John David Booty would be the second best #10 on the USC squad.

Rose Bowl to Remember

Wow, what a game. USC finally showed what it can do - especially on defense. Dwayne Jarrett is gone - No doubt - but had the kind of game he should have been having all season.

And of course the questions...why couldn't we bring this game all season? What would have happened if we hadn't lost to Oregon or UCLA and played Ohio State...what are we gonna be like next year...etc. etc etc.

Well. Let's say goodbye to 2006 and look forward to 2007!