Thursday, August 31, 2006

1st day of college football....

Saw some pretty mediocre games today....Man, this Notre dame Hype machine is killing me on the 1/2 time shows on ESPN...just to be a whiny bastard, here's my breakdown of the top teams:

Ohio State: 2 returns from last year on D. The offense stars? There are a few..Ted Ginn ain't going to be enough..Watch out for Michigen, they are due.

Notre Dame: They'll get beat by a no namer this every year.

W. Virginia. They'll trip on one of their division 2 schools they play. Evn if they don't, my high school plays a tougher schedule.

Texas: No Vince

Auburn:good, but not national champion good.

THEN..I have to listen to Lou holtz talk smack on how Cal is gonna beat USC for Pac 10 title. Hilar

Lou, get over 1997 loss to SC in your last game at ND...but glad to know it still stings!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Matt, How Could You?

Way to start off your pro career...with 18 years of garnished wages...

Monday, August 28, 2006

USC vs. Notre Dame touchdown march 2005

The last minute drive thet me or my neighbors will never forget. Literally the best game ending I've ever seen. Can't wait for this year's game!

Herby awards

Kirk Herbstreit, who generally toes the company press line with a dash of Buckeye Love (Can't blame for loving Alma Mater) released his "6th annual Herby Awards."

Generally he makes good, educated guesses throughout.
USC Highlights:
3rd ranked wide Reciever - Dwayne Jarrett
Top Offensive Linemen - Ryan Kalil C
4th ranked Defensive End - Lawrence Jackson
Top True Freshman - C.J. Gable
3rd Favorite Play callers - Steve Sarkisian
Best Game-Day Coaches - Pete Carroll
#2 Top Future Coaches - Steve Sarkisian

.it then starts getting silly...
Columbus, best food...from there on out its all drivel....

Ted Ginn Jr. vs. Dwayne Jarrett

So SI's Gene Menez, covered their Preseason Heisman top ten with Ohio State's Ted Ginn Jr. and no Dwayne Jarrett. Let's look at their numbers and do some additional analysis:

2005- Recs - Yards - Average - Touchdowns
Ginn: --- 51 --- 803 -- 15.7 ----- 4
Jarrett: - 91 -- 1274 -- 14.0 ---- 16

What on earth besides tons of Ohio State readers makes you think that 6'0 Ted Ginn is going to have a better year that 6'5 Jarrett. Better yet, who is going to go higher in the draft?

Can Jarrett make big plays? Can you say 4th and 9 vs. Notre Dame? Ginn? Choker vs Texas - 2 recs for 9 yards. 1 run for -1 yards.

Is Ted Ginn going to have a great year? Perhaps. He may even put up Dwayne Jarrett's Sophmore numbers.

A good pre-season rundown including (!!) special teams

CollegeFootballNews Preseason Breakdown of SC - Nothing Special?

The Cliff notes:
USC is deep in every area including where they have little experience. Odds are one of the 4 all american RBs are going to do well. Mayybe 2 *cough Thunder and Lightning*or more. Same with Linebackers. Deep. Our second team is full of all americans that would start anywhere else in the country.

I would like to see more attention paid to USC special teams. We lost our all-Pac 10 Punter, best return guy in the universe and we didn't have a great special teams last year.

This year we are splitting the return duties and have a new punter. Why isn't anyone (else) talking about this?

Money no longer on Irish

We all have our favorite teams and like to root for the underdog but when it comes to gambling our $$, we pretty much throw our hearts out the windows and go with pure science. Its no surprise then that preseason favorites, Notre dame and West Virginia are losing ground in the BCS Odds (OK I don't understand all of betting- all on black!).

BTW, CollegeFootballNews is a pretty good source of information. Its too bad Fox Sports is using their knowledge as their own.

What if?

great story...lots of laughs. Ain't gonna happen...

...and just for hypothetics, all of this did happen, we'd still be better than Ar-Kansas

"We had a very good mental day today"

Casey Dick, Houston Nutt. Hilarious. OK, back to being an adult...

Arkansas is already good comic relief...can't wait for the game!

Another know nothing...

Mike Beas of the INDIANA TibStar (wut!) seems to think that the BC final will be West Virginia vs. Notre Dame. Let's break this down:

West Virginia:
The ONLY top 25 team they play is Louisville - and that's stretching it. Louisville could easily drop out off the charts. So his logic is that they can breeze through the season and be in the top 2 at the end. With that logic why not put an undefeated division 3 school in there? They won all of their games against unranked opponents. Pollsters and Coaches give no props to teams that duck competition. There is NO WAY W. Virginia cracks the top 5, even undefeated.

Notre Dame:
Loses to SC, no brainer.


Undefeateds Ohio State loses to SC in the BCS Final. just ask ESPN

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Marc Tyler signs for USC

Marc Tyler signed a letter of intent to play for USC today. He's the son of a ($#*^(UCLA) and NFL Running back Wendal Tyler and looks to be the LenDale White type. Very strong, fast, break tackles and bull over strength. His blocking needs some work.

Ht: 6-0 Wt: 215 40: 4.55
Position: RB, S
Year: Class of 2007
High School: Oaks Christian HS
(Westlake Village, CA)

The only downside to this is that it could make the ULTIMATE PRIZE in running backs Noel Devine less likely to choose SC. It looks like he's got Miami on his mind.

Noel Devine clip below. He is absolutley SICK!

Ivan Maisel is an idiot

I am so sick of this ESPN writer Ivan Maisel always sucking up to the Irish. His golden boy Brady Quinn is his choice for All-American, Heisman, etc. etc. How many times does this crackerjack have to be wrong before ESPN demotes him?

Also, at wide reciever, he picked Jeff Samardzija. Hilarious. Bet the Quinn-Samardzija have 1/2 the total yards of Booty-Jarrett

Somehow his choice for center and Defensive end was spot on but I am sure he asked someone who should be picked for that.

John David Booty - Who is this guy?

Everyone knows he's slated to be the next quarterback in the storied history of USC. He follows Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. I am not sure if there have ever been bigger shoes to fill.

What we need to answers on - in the comments is:
John David Booty is a long name to say. What will his nickname be? What will we say when we can only utter one syllable as we are screaming at the bar during a touchdown sneak that wins the game? Off the top of my head:

Back Spasm?

Anyway. Obviously from the comments..."Booty" is his name forever. Reminds me of the Beastie Boy track from Paul's Boutique.

Seems to have a solid arm, great understanding of the game, better mobility than Leinart (not a dual threat by any stretch of the imagination), and good head on his shoulder (read: hasn't raped, assaulted or taken money..yet) however the thing that bothers me is that he's only 6'2.

Being 6'2 in life is fine, above average. I am only 6' (on a good day) and I have no problem with my height. However, as a quarterback - to see over the linemen, every inch counts and being 6'2 is much shorter than the linemen. Therefore booty is going to need to roll out more and be much quicker.

Sure would be nice to have a dual threat but here's a good video of the good - hope there is much more to add to this soon!

You'd have to be a Houston Nutt to believe Arkansas can take the opener

So Arkansas coach, Houston Nutt (...too easy) seems to think that they have a shot at winning against an untested Trojan backfield. I think the feeling was the same 3 years ago in Auburn when an untested quarterback named Matt Leinart and freshman runningbacks Reggie Bush and LenDale White went into SEC-land and shut out Auburn 22-0.

The amount of parallels are staggering. Untested QB, returning star recievers, untested RBs, experienced O-line. Solid D. Its like a 3 year refresh.

No brainer. But FUN to watch!

Reggie Bush Highlight Reel

I know he's gone. But man was he fun to watch...for more excitement click here

Why is College football better than Pro?

Usually this kind of thing is a top 10 list. But its so much obviously better that they needed 20. I prefer to call Pro Football the senior Football league. Like in Golf...

(sorry Brownies, I still love you)

Welcome to We Are SC

My friends and I always email stories around about USC so this is a centrally located place that we can post all of our info and commentary. If others want to join, publish a coherent comment and ask. MUCH more to come